This is the damage of LoL champions in statistical graphic format

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Reddit is a practically endless source of curiosities, stats and stories, especially the League of Legends subforum, one of the most active, with the most users, and with the most curious details in the world.

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Although many people are already familiar with it, the truth is that data is coming out daily that is worth telling and on this occasion we bring nothing but a statistical chart that is very useful to understand the champions.

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Ok, yes, it may sound boring and uninteresting at first, but let me explain what the user is Simaniac as it serves to quickly understand any source of damage in LoL.

I guide you to see this image (which you can see here in a larger format). Yes, it’s a colored triangle, but the beauty is that rank and order the champions according to the natural source of damage.

In LoL, there are 3 basic damage sources: magical (blue), physical (red) and true (green)the first is by damage from magical abilities, the second by automatic attacks and physical abilities, and the third by damage that bypasses defenses and shields.

Thanks to this graph, we can see that the champion with more magical base damage is Galiobecause his entire arsenal does practically magical damage, as does the physical Aatrox, Draven, or Senna.

This data is from the patch LoL 12.17 and take into account the world damage done in games in this patch, so many champions don’t come close to real damage by not having a resource like buffalo red for it.

And which champions excel at real damage? Well, in the physical realm they stand out Camille, Master Yi, Vi, Olaf and Fiora, as they stand out in the magic Ahri, Renata, Gwen, Vel’Koz, Lillia and Cho’Gath.

In the reddit thread they’ve applauded the user’s work as it’s very visual to understand what kind of damage each champion is doing, but keep in mind it’s based on stats from a specific patch.

Source: Esports AS

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