Pick’Em Worlds 2022: How To Play & Get Free Rewards

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What would a League of Legends Worlds be without them? drops free to watch the World Cups and, of course, with the absence of the Choose ‘Em’a fun, competitive and rewarding way to make predictions.

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For those of you not used to it, the Pick’Em are basically a series of predictions that you put in the LoLesports official website with which you choose to win exclusive rewards for free.

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In this article we tell you in a concise, quick and concrete way how to play Worlds 2022 Pick’Em and what kind of rewards and items you can get in your League of Legends account.

Pick’em Worlds 2022 Guide

First step – How to play

  1. login this website
  2. Once this is done you can start making predictions

  1. First it’s done with the Play-In and then with the Main Event
  2. In addition, as a pool you can also make predictions here

Crystal Ball Operation

  • 20 Worlds Prediction Questions are NOW AVAILABLE for betting in the week leading up to the start of Worlds, with the opening stage on September 29 at 10:15 PM PT.
  • Place your bet before the timer runs out as the coin will not count towards the crystal ball bets you skipped.
  • When the World Finals is over, come back to see how you did and get rewards based on your performance. The crystal ball offers a new way to get rewards as the points and rewards are independent of the traditional Quiniela.

On which dates can the Pick’Em be done?

opening phase

  • Check back when the games end on October 2 to place more bets on the two Best of 5 matchups on October 3.
  • Check back when the games end on October 3rd to place more bets on the last two Best of 5 matchups on October 4.

Group stage

The group stage crystal ball is refillable from the end of the opening stage on Oct. 4 until the group stage begins on Oct. 7 at 11:15 PM PT.

knockout phase

  • The crystal ball for the quarter-finals will be available from the end of the group stage on October 16 until the quarter-finals begin on October 20 at 11:25 PM PT.
  • The semifinal crystal ball will be available between the end of the quarterfinals on Oct. 23 and the start of the semifinals on Oct. 29 at 11:25 p.m. PT.
  • Finally, the Crystal Ball Finals will be playable from the end of the semifinals on October 30th until the finals start on November 6th at 02:15 CET.

The coin returns, what is it?

The coin is used for: make random selections for players who miss the selection phase so that they can participate later and let the gods of luck decide on their behalf. Please note that the coin will not make selections for crystal ball bets that you have missed.

Punctuation System

  • crystal ball points: Scoring for Crystal Ball predictions will take place after the World Finals has ended. All points gained from successful bets will be in a different marker than the traditional Quiniela’s points.
  • Opening Stage Points: Each correct prediction of the qualifying rounds in the opening phase gives 5 points.
  • Group stage points: You get 2 points for each team you choose correctly to advance to the quarter-finals, as well as 3 extra points each if you put them in the correct order. For each correct choice for third and fourth place, you will receive 2 points. Hit the whole group and you get 2 extra points; the maximum score per group: 16 points.
  • Knockout Phase Points: Each correct choice during the quarterfinals earns 5 points. Correct selections from the semi-finals yield 10 points each. And by choosing wisely in the World Finals, you get 20 points!

Most interesting: ALL REWARDS!

  • Make 1 bet on a crystal ball
    • Place 1 bet on the play-offs in the opening stage
      • Make 1 bet on the quarterfinals
        • Make 1 bet in the group stage

Quiniela performance ranges (traditional):

  • Perfect pool: all the last aspects
    • S Ranking (Top 5%): 50 Event Tokens + 4 Worlds 2022 Capsules + Kassadin ‘Pardon?’
    • Top 5,000: Worlds 2022 Azir Skin + Champion
  • Rank A (Top 20%): 3 Worlds 2022 Capsules + Kassadin Emote “Pardon?”
      • Rank B (top 40%): 2 Worlds 2022 capsules + Kassadin ‘Pardon?’
          • Rank C (Top 70%): 1 Worlds 2022 capsule + Kassadin emote “Pardon?”

          Crystal Ball Performance Ranges:

          • Perfect pool: all the last aspects
            • Rank S (Top 5%): 50 Event Tokens + 4 Worlds 2022 Capsules + Syndra emote “At my service!”
            • Top 5,000: Worlds 2022 Azir Skin + Champion
            • Rank A (in the top 20%): 3 Worlds 2022 capsules + Syndra emote “Until my service!”
              • Rank B (Top 40%): 2 Worlds 2022 Capsules + Syndra emote “At my service!”
                • Rank C (in the top 70%): 1 Worlds 2022 capsule + Syndra emote “Until my service!”

              Reward for perfect swimming pool

              The reward for a perfect pool is a box containing the six ultimate skins: Pulsefire Ezreal, Spirit Keeper Udyr, DJ Sona, Elementalist Lux, Gun Goddess Miss Fortune and Seraphine K/DA – All Out.

              Source: Esports AS

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