Jokers evicts Disgrace: coach of his first promotion

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The competitive elite of any sport, whether real or virtual, is complicated, very complicated. Especially if you grow little by little from the amateurrowing to compete against the best in semi-professional and moving glory.

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The road is really difficult and even more difficult when, when it seems that you have achieved a dream, you face reality; One in which, above all, there are those who rule, those who have a name and you, despite your best efforts, are nobody.

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Because imagine you work in the Since 2018, League of Legends has been training semi-professional teams that have always excelled in lower leagues, such as ASUS, Kawaii Kiwis and Jokers and, when with the latter you promote to firstthey kick you out



And they don’t just throw you out in honor of what has been a historic achievement (since moving up to Super League isn’t complicated, it’s next), but they they dedicate a crappy jpeg to you with the excuse that “there’s no better way to put it”.

We present the case of Jorge López, better known as shameone of the head coach with more experience in it amateur/semi-pro of LoL from the last 5 years.

On Monday evening, November 21, the rumor spread engine cocurrent champion of the Iberian Cup with UCAM, would train Jokers in 2023, a club that in theory already coach.

The news did not go unnoticed by the LoL community, especially for players like WidowMakeran exponent of the community who has already played the leading role in several ‘controversies’ for his harsh words against other agents.

A few hours later, on November 22, the news came from Shame: expelled from Jokers after a year in discipline, time in which he has reached a runner-up in the Second Super League and a TOP 1 to rise to the elite.

That is, afterwards more than 5 years trying to become a coach in the Super Leaguethe club that gave him the chance to be promoted and with whom he did so expels him to replace him with a veteran.

Motoco is an excellent one coachbut he certainly had the opportunities in his day that shameFirst of all, he will not have Jokers, who absolutely deserve to train at least in the First Division.

The expulsion of shame becomes an earthquake in the club, as members of the staff like Añoño, Nightmare and Odrux have shared them immediate departure from the team after rejecting the decision to evict Disgrace.

It starts badly for a Jokers deserving promotion and one of the most charismatic teams in Spain who have been wrong despite everything: shame He didn’t deserve a goodbye with a jpeg and such a statement on Twitter.

We won’t get into sports issues, as players or other members of the board may not have agreed with Disgrace and its decisions, but there are, or should be, other ways of doing things in esports.

Source: Esports AS

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