Riot Games does not host Wild Rift competitions in Europe, NA and LATAM

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2023 will be a very difficult year for Wild Rift esports in the West, one of the games that has grown the most in the mobile ecosystem, but has failed to make it in the West and according to Riot Games.

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Since its launch in October 2021is Riot Games’ portable MOBA played and tested by millions of players, many of them Spanish, French, North American or German who have reached the competitive elite.

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For example, in Europe, and with Team Queso at the forefront of European competition, we’ve had games like the 2022 EMEA Championship, with prices over €200,000 and a growing competitive ecosystem. Until now.

And we say so far because this will not happen in 2023since Riot Games has announced That they will not host competitive leagues officially neither in Europe, nor in NA, nor in LATAM, only in Asia.

In the statement, they assure that despite everything, they have decided to focus all their attention on the market that is growing the most and that is most committed to mobile esports, the Asian one, where a revolution has taken place with Wild Rift.

This will affect Spanish players like altar boy or andreszedwho compete in Team Queso and who have to look for another goal, since in Europe or western regions it will be very difficult to make a career.

Of course that doesn’t mean that the esports of Wild Rift is overas Riot Games will exit companies their parties organize tournaments as long as they respect the guidelines imposed by Riot.

In other words, if the LVP, the ESL, or any other related company wants to host professional Wild Rift leagues, they can do so, but without the direct support in terms of funding from Riot Games.

As for the Asian league, from April 2023 it will focus on a league with 12 teams from China and 8 from APAC, confirming that Asia will not only dominate the title from now on, but also own the game, as already seen is in the Worlds 2022.

Source: Esports AS

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