DAMWON breaks the LCK market and signs Deft and Canna

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DAMWON KIA is an excellent team, an organization linked to success, to being the first, to not losing the best of 5 series, in short, to be the best of the LCK and even the best in the world.

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After a summer of 2020 where they captured the LCK and won the Worlds Cup for the first time in their history, DAMWON Gaming changed their surname to KIA and managed to keep their winning ways by capturing the spring and summer LCK in 2021.

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DAMWON Gaming, World Champions

DAMWON Gaming, World Champions

Of course, the international final against China choked him, being the first in the MSI 2021 (2-3 vs RNG) and then in Worlds 2021 against EDG (same 2-3), unable to make LoL history.

Then in 2022 won nothing at alltook 3rd in the LCK in the spring and 4th in the summer, only winning the regional finals to go to Worlds, where they placed in the top 8 far from their aspirations.

But DAMWON KIA will return in style in 2023 which is why it was necessary to make this introduction, to contextualize the dimension of a giant team that he will risk everything to reign next year.

DAMWON has announced two signings blowing up the LCK market as he announced The arrival of Deftrecent world champion with DRX and canfrom NS RedForce, formerly in T1 with Faker y cía.

The arrival of these two stars makes one schedule formed by Canna, Canyon, ShowMaker, Deft and Kellina squad that is absolutely scary and that could conquer absolutely anything in 2023.

Agileafter winning his long-awaited World Cup, he was able to show in a higher class team that not stopping is not a mistake and that he is at the best level of his career, and for can it is a redemption after being overshadowed by Zeus.

Further in the part of coaching staff DAMWON is also reinforced with Gorilla Y Jerkprovide a new course also in the field of coaches to renew ideas.

Since we don’t know what purchases other teams will make and whether teams like T1 or Gen.G stay the same, DAMWON is positioned as the prime candidate to go all out against these two teams.

Source: Esports AS

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