Riot takes out Neeko due to a scandalous bug: she turned into towers

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It was clear that another animal during the League of Legends preseason patches in 2023 it was supposed to come out, but the one starring good Neeko is outrageous to say the least.

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And not just because it was live for several days, with people taking advantage and a lot of the exploitbut because she is absolutely insane in terms of what the polymorph can do.

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And it is that, as Jacky explains in his video that the animal, Neeko can become a tower and rampaging through Summoner’s Rift with insane damage, mimicking the structure of the map.

Neeko’s passive allows her to become an enemy champion, mimicking her form for several seconds, but due to a code error, it can also be converted into towers and even the Nashor.

In fact, Neeko can even take the form of an Inhibitor, although of course you won’t achieve anything with that. The exploit has reached everyone’s lips and caused Riot Games Take down Neeko until further notice.

The problem is that with this animalHundreds of players have managed to blow up games as Neeko managed to destroy towers with just 5 touches and even eliminate the Nashor in seconds.

Source: Esports AS

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