The new Udyr is already making scares and oneshots with this full AD build

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In the summer of 2022, Riot deployed one of the reworked expected and also unexpected in the history of LoL, because Udyr, despite the champion’s fame with the equipment simpler, with star a 2021 full of popularity.

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He became a character used by everyone overnight, counter from junglers like Hecarim and present in a large percentage of professional LoL games to one in less than a year rework completely.

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Udyr's new splash art

Udyr’s new splash art
/Riot Games

However, their rework It came right in the summer of 2022, before Worlds 2022, so Riot Games’ decision was ban its use in World Cups and postpone his league debut until 2023.

In pre-season 2023, we started to see how the junglers released the new Udyr and something has been confirmed: it is more than viable as a tankbut it blows up games like AD.

It turns out it’s going viral to build Udyr’s full AD with which one shot to the humans in the Rift, making it impossible to defend against him as he also chases you until he finishes you off.

The to build what matters is the following:

  • Hurry to the Marauder’s Claw
  • Then make Lord Dominik’s Memories
  • Other alternatives: the Collector, the knives of Navori, Essence Reaper or the Bloodthirsty
  • If you go full AD the Q scales infinitely and eventually blows the games

However, it is one to build not recommended for soloQbecause yes it explodes to the other champs and it’s a brutal damage but in the end the usefulness of Udyr has to be different especially if your team already has damage in top, medium or in botlane.

Be that as it may, we’ll leave you both a video like a clutch with the to build Just in case you want to try and blow people up in the jungle. We are convinced that Udyr will be a great champion in 2023.

Source: Esports AS

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