Fnatic says goodbye to its captain after almost 5 years: Hylissang leaves

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Fnatic has had some very difficult seasons, perhaps not so much because of the sporting results, but also because they haven’t won an LEC title in over 2 years, but because of the painful advertisements they star in.

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And it is that the parting in the orange organization becomes common, especially of its legends; Last year, Stretches said goodbye (although it will return in 2023) and now it’s the support who has defended that shirt for so long.

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After almost 5 years in FnaticHylissang says goodbye to the team that saw him reach a world final, several LECs, competed in the MSI, an organization where he won the European competition twice and several places in the continent’s ideal quintet.

It will be very rare to see crazy without him support Bulgarian, mainly because of style, because it was customary for Hylissang to shine in authentic madness from the first minutes in the game that, if it went well, was a success for Fnatic.

It is also true that he has been harshly criticized on many occasions, because of how much he risks in games and what it costs him. crazy Yes for support Bulgarian plans are not working.

Rhuckz and Hylissang: The end of an era in Fnatic

Rhuckz and Hylissang: The end of an era in Fnatic
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More than 650 games in the LEC to come for Hylissang, as rumors suggest will compete in MAD Lions in 2023although unless the story changes a lot, this won’t happen again with Fnatic.

His replacement will be Rhuckz, the Portuguese captain who will take a special place in Fnatic, a position he held for almost 5 years and who will change face after five years to join Rekkles next season.

Source: Esports AS

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