HLE signs the two DRX MVPs and forms a scary super team

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LCK 2023 is going to be insane, and not just because the region has been at its best in recent years, dominating Worlds 2022 and hosting the best players in the world.

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It’s also getting crazy because there are several teams that are strengthening themselves in an incredible way, as we’ve already discussed with DAMWON KIA, who wrapped up the signings of the year in the LCK Agile and Canna.

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Canna and Deft strengthen DAMWON KIA

Canna and Deft strengthen DAMWON KIA

The 2020 world champions were practically the first to announce them schedule complete, although they now have jurisdiction super team then refers Hanwha Life Esports He dropped another bomb.

HLE has announced the signing of kings and zekaone the MVP of the Worlds 2022 finals and the other one of the best midlaners revelation of the world championships, signing of two badges of the DRX champion.

Not only does this cause DRX to break and his will have to reform schedule with Pyosik and maybe BeryL, but another economic powerhouse like HLE is reinforced to fight the LCK against T1, Gen.G and DAMWON.

Along with Kingen and Zeka Viperbrand new signing also of an HLE that can burst the LCK as rumor has it that Clid could also arrive in the jungle and Life in the support position.

T1which apparently will not undergo any changes will next be one of the contenders Gen.Gwhich has lost its potential after the departure of Ruler and Lehends, although the new one bone job formed by Peyz Y joy exciting and many.

Other sets like KT, Liiv Sandbox or even DRX might surprise you, but what seems obvious is that DAMWON, T1, Gen.G and HLE they will be the clear favorites to conquer the LCK in 2023.

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