Riot confirms League of Legends and TFT source code hack

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Riot Games has received the worst news a video game company can receive: a breach of your security breach that caused something hackers have obtained the source code of their flagship game: League of Legends.

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This means that Riot Games, as confirmed on Twitter, is a hack or cyberattack last weekend, from January 21 to 23, causing, among other things delays in releasing patches.

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However, the most serious is the confirmation that the LoL and TFT code has been leaked, which means that future updates, improvements, game modes, champions and others are in the hands of the hackers.

Riot assures that these are all prototypes and many of the prepared things may not come true, but it is undoubtedly a delicate moment for the company, which also confirm email threats.

“Today we received a ransom mail, it goes without saying that we are not going to pay. The most important thing is that we are sure that no data and personal information of our players has been compromised.”

Moreover, they take care of it the cheats and the hacks they can increase in the game, because they have the hole open and this one hackers they could sell the code for other types of people to make software illegal in LoL or TFT.

Be that as it may, they leave a message of hope: “We’ve made a lot of progress in the past week and we believe we’ll fix everything soon,” confirming that they’ll provide more news once they’ve made it safe.

Source: Esports AS

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