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The secret of the world’s highest LoL player: does he use exploits?


I still remember the days when I discovered LoL like it was yesterday. It was summer, a colleague taught me the game at his house, I played Pantheon and my first thought was “What is this, what a mess.”

When I got home I downloaded it and that’s where it all started, not so much the years of addiction to LoL, but also the passion to see the competitive game. Beyond the stories of chive grandfathers, there was a special magic in those days: discovering and buying champions.

And not only that, but on level. I remember my friend was already level 30 because he cast loads of normals, and while it didn’t take long for me to reach that milestone (which was then), I was celebrating like I’d found an epic weapon in an MMO.

A few years ago the level limit on LoL accounts was no longer 30, but you can level unlimited and there are players who take it very seriously… So much so that there are surreal accounts.

According to the portal lols.gg, the highest level account in the world GM Ireland and it’s level 11111. Yes, we didn’t make a typing error, eleven thousand one hundred and eleven, something that in Reddit They don’t believe it and they think it’s one exploit or use hack before.

You most likely don’t use any exploitbut play against a level up bots in Coop vs AI take advantage of raises of experience, and there are those who point out that their account, labeled “GM”, is a special Garena account from a few years ago with substantial level improvements.

The reason for suspicion is that has no registered games nor mastery with champions so when you level up it must be yes or yes in games against bots in PvE mode.

After this account is Tiểu Cửu Vĩ level 3832 and a European: Nolife Fynn, an ARAM legend many have encountered and verify that he is not bone he also doesn’t use tricks to level up, just weaken.

Therefore, apart from many hours of playing, the secret of these accounts is within lever raises experience in Coop vs. AI competitionsand play fast modes like ARAM to generate more experience daily.

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