Ibai announces changes in KOI for summer: “It was a pity”

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Hopefully all teams super competition had a figure like that of Ibai Llanos, owner and founder of koi who not only does not mince words when it comes to analyzing the balance of the team, but also does not shy away from criticism.

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There’s also no need for each team’s CEOs to get in front of a camera and analyze what happened if things don’t go well, but it would be cool if there was a representative to interact with the community.

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beyond how much viewers there would be or if it is necessary to do it, when Ibai Llanos goes out to speak, many interesting things are taken from the speech he broadcasts, although the last time he was pissed off, disappointed and embarrassed.

On the evening of March 1 in Spain, Ibai connected to the KOI channel to explain many topics, talk to the fans and make it clear that it can’t happen again what happened in the Super League.

around the minute 26 straight away, Ibai took stock of what happened in the Spanish league and issued very harsh statements against the team. “I was ashamed, even in my worst nightmares I would not have imagined a Super League like this,” he says.

And it is that KOI has been omitted playoffs for the first time in its short history with a very bad image only 4 wins in 15 games and confirm that the changes are happening or that they will not overcome a complicated situation.

“We have the resources, the players, the knowledge and the economic capacity to do better. I don’t want a top 1, but this is unacceptable. The last few weeks have been a joke.”

KOI is revamping its League of Legends Super League roster

KOI is revamping its League of Legends Super League roster

“There will be changes for the summer, lots of changes, no doubt,” Ibai confirmed, hurt by the situation. “We are going to make changes again because we have no choice, It is what it is. Eventually you’re forced to do it.”

“It’s not possible to keep doing the same thing. This has been very hard, because not only have we lost a lot, we have created an image that is very difficult to justify. Everyone here works hard and a lot of people follow us, you can’t do that.” don’t compete”.

Ibai have made it clear that they should not win the Super League yes or no, but compete with the best. Team Heretics has Los Heretics at the top and they are candidates for everything, so yes: an academy can succeed.

He also did not name names because he respects both his employees and his colleagues, but he lets it go that there has not been good harmony: “The team is completely broken and we are worse than the first day.”

also confirmed that He cocurrent will go from the Ibai Llanos channel to the KOI channel, so we can surmise that the pennant He will “go away” from the Super League days a bit because of the workload he has.

Source: Esports AS

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