Bad news for Riot’s MMO: the CEO is leaving

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It had been a long time since we knew anything about Riot Games’ MMO, one of the company’s most ambitious and highly anticipated projects, which will benefit from all lore of League of Legends to create an open world for all its fans.

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There has never been a firm launch date, although some news about it was expected to be published between 2023 and 2024. Oddly enough it was. but fans of the Riot Games MMO won’t like it at all.

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The same Marc Merrill, president and co-founder of Riot Games, has announced that the executive director of the MMO project, Greg Street (much better known as ghost crawler) leftdonated to the project.

The news is quite a sledgehammer for the community, as Ghostcrawler, known for his involvement in the best years of World of Warcraft, was not expected to leave until he announced the name of the game or the direction of the game.

ghost crawler He leaves for personal and family reasons after several months without giving any news on Twitter, leaving an interesting statement. “Developing a League of Legends MMO was going to be a long process. I’m leaving it in good hands and it’s just the right time to hand over the reins to someone else.”

That has been confirmed by the president of Riot Games the MMO is still in the early stages of development but make sure it takes a good shape. Of course it gives the worst omens: there is still a LONG way to go and this is a VERY LONG one.

That is to say that the Riot Games MMO will be delayed even more by this massive setback; Let Ghostcrawler Go is the worst possible newsas he is one of the leading experts on MMO development in the industry.

League of Legends is getting an MMO

League of Legends is getting an MMO
/Riot Games

We can surmise that the League of Legends MMORPG could go to 2026, 2027 or even later, not to mention the stage alpha or beta of which would not arrive for about two years.

Source: Esports AS

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