Why is LoL still the great competitive game without voice chat?

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There are rhetorical questions that, while not seeking an answer, are easy to answer. Others, like the fact that League of Legends still doesn’t have voice chat, are so complicated to understand that it seems absurd to even meditate on them.

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The point is that in the past few hours the debate of why League of Legends you need voice chat built into the game, not the weird concept of voice communication the game has before a game starts.

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Has been darshanprofessional LoL player who has gone through teams like Dignitas or CLG who have a wound that Riot Games does not like it at all, which has already announced several times that it will not develop voice chat.

He top planer He assures that it is inconceivable that in a team game as clear as LoL there is no possibility to communicate directly with your teammates via voice, as in VALORANT (a game he has been playing lately).

Multiple replies to the thread claim the same thing: “There would be a major behavior problem towards women or people who are discriminated against,” something that, while true, could be avoided with vote filters or harsh punishments for these people. That is, the voice chat are moderated

Others, such as Dani Vaquero, known as ElOjoNinja, has commented the thread assures that he has commanded over 300 games of his links from Discord to play in voice chat and have only had one negative experience. There’s everything.

Why some do and others don’t?

VALORANT is the clear example that Riot Games can introduce a functional voice chat in the most important competitive game in the world today, but it is strange that they have not done so yet.

Maybe problems with the game code or the launcher, or whether they want it to remain the experience it has been for over 12 years. But that other similar games like Dota 2 have it… It beeps.

And it’s not the only example; CS:GO, Rocket League, Rainbow Six: Siege, Apex Legends and countless other esports have voice chat in their competitive matches, making life easier for hundreds of thousands of players.

Voice chat in Rocket League: the new thrill of the game

Voice chat in Rocket League: the new thrill of the game

Riot has not spoken out on this and may not. It’s an eternal debate: would LoL be better with voice chat? No? Would it be worse? Hopefully one day Riot will give us the exact answer. I don’t know, it’s not even trying on the PBE, is it?

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