All about Milio: when it comes out, skills, knowledge and much more

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Although the position of support is one of the least played in League of Legends, regardless of rank or world location, Riot continues to pay close attention to the most important job in early next to the jungle

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After the release of Renata Glasc they bring another support for the bone jobIt will be a… wizard with a lot of charisma and it is expected to be in the professional field equipment comes to its maximum.

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Milio becomes the game’s 163rd champion and will debut in terms of releases in 2023, with a skills pack very creative that will provide shields, mobility and even suppress CC to allies.

Milio skills and champion skin

Milio skills and champion skin
/Riot Games

Passive – To the heat!

Milio’s abilities charm his allies when they touch them, causing them to also deal a burst of extra damage the next time they deal damage and burn their target.

Q – Ultra mega burning kick

Milio kicks a ball that pushes an enemy. The ball shoots up on impact and falls on the enemy, dealing damage and slowing enemies in the area on impact.

W – Heartwarming bonfire

Milio creates an area of ​​empowerment that heals allies and extends the reach of those within it. The area follows the ally closest to the pour point.

E – Warm hugs

Milio throws a shield at an ally, temporarily increasing their movement speed.

R – Breath of Life

Milio unleashes a wave of comforting flames that heals and removes control effects from allies within range.

When is Millio coming out?

Milio will be on the road March 22, 2023 with the release of League of Legends patch 13.6. In fact, it’s already playable on PBE and available for anyone to try.

He lore the million

Known as the Gentle Flame, Milio is a young Ixtali who comes from a village far from civilization. His family was exiled many generations ago, and thanks to his curiosity and desire to explore, he masters the fiery axiom, the magic he always channels.

Riot Games official biography

Milio is a kind young man from Ixtal who, despite his young age, has mastered the axiom of fire, as well as discovered the flames of calm. With this new power, Milio plans to help his family end their exile by joining the Yun Tal just like his grandmother.

Having traversed the jungles of Ixtal to reach the capital of Ixaocan, Milio now prepares to face the Vidalion and join the Yun Tal, unaware of the trials and dangers in store for him. stand waiting.

Source: Esports AS

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