Fnatic continues downhill and without brakes with Oscarinin and Advienne

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Fnatic has made one of the toughest decisions to revive its situation in the LEC: draw two newbies from his academy team to try to turn around it’s the worst divided in the history of the game.

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Oscarinin and Advienne entered the first team dynamics to replace Wunder and Rhuckz, which initially caused a lot of doubts among the fans of the orange team on social networks.

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But he made himself work and, apparently, inside scrims Fnatic’s results have been very good, as confirmed by the support Dutchman who replaced Rhuckz: “It’s a hard blow to lose like this when the training went so well,” he confirms.

But what the team does outside of the LEC’s main focus doesn’t matter, at least to the vast majority of viewers who watch as Fnatic has conceded its sixth consecutive league defeat.

The English organization ended the divided winter with an 0-4 and now spring has started with an 0-2 against Excel and SK Gaming, two rivals that are basically inferior to Fnatic.

Summary vs Excel

Summary against SK Gaming

And the problem is that the focus of the criticism is on the Spanish Oscarinin, who has failed to kill once in the two games and died eleven times, with a very disturbing 0/11/3.

However, what many people fail to see is that Rekkles remains the real grind of this team as you can see in Fnatic’s last match: she did less damage than her prop and almost the same damage as Sejuani in the jungle with her Zeri.



All this taking into account that Fnatic has released Upset to Vitalityhas relinquished knowledge of Wunder and switched to a support newbies on the other, leaving Razork and Humanoid on the team, who don’t seem to understand each other.

Fnatic goes downhill and with no brakes: close the first super week against arguably the best team out there right now, Team Vitality, and their next matchups will be Team Heretics, BDS, and KOI.

Source: Esports AS

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