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Karmine Corp is sinking in the year they failed to enter the LEC


Something strange is happening in the European League of Legends this year, because it is not normal crazyone of the best teams in the LEC and the history of the continent, has had the worst start ever and at the same time it’s also going downhill with the best team outside the LEC.

We talk about Karmine Corpthree-time champions of the European Masters and considered the best team in Europe outside the LEC, who failed to qualify for their favorite competition since last summer, is in low hours.

that of camet0 they stayed 9th in the LFL with part of 7-11the first time in its history that it is negative in the French league and also the first time that they are not in playoffs. His previous worst result was 6th place.

Despite having a great team consisting of Cabochard, Skeanz, SAKEN, Kaori and whiteinn, the French will be the playoffs from the couch at home and think about what they’re going to do this summer.

A huge blow to Karmine Corp, that supposedly it was going to be a LEC team together with KOI and Team Heretics and that was eventually dropped by not wanting to share a place with Astralis.

Karmine Corp will not be in LEC

The French team is therefore in very low hours in League of Legends. Their biggest rival for influence, KOI, is also not doing well in the Super League, but they are in the LEC and are in the finals.

We will see what happens to a team that, despite all the “artificial” hatred generated, wants to be in the LEC next year, especially to bring all the French fans and that rivalry with KOI and Heretics.

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