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The LoL CC which has only 4 champions and is unique in the game


Every time a new champion comes out in League of Legends, we can expect them to be a dasha stuna way to activate an ability along with another, one last in area or with an effect for allies and extra damage passives every X attack.

It’s not that Riot’s ideas run out, far from it, as the designs are cool and original, but it’s true that they often fall into the stereotype that, or they come out with a equipment which we have mentioned, otherwise the champion will not be used.

Milio, the 163rd LoL champion
/Riot Games

What we haven’t seen in a long time is the lame in League of Legends. If you’re reading this, you may have wondered: What the hell is lame? And it’s normal, I had to look for it too.

This CC, which can be translated as become old, crippled or emaciated, is actually kind of debuffalo which applies an attack speed reduction to an enemy, directly affecting their automatic attack power.

Only 4 champions in all League of Legends (ie 4 out of 162) may apply lame: malphite when he hits his E, Nose with his W, fiora giving the W and Mordekaiser using his R

/Riot Games

In addition, the Frozen Heart also applies this effect, which is the only item in the entire game with this effect. He lame can be reduced with tenacity, but cannot be removed beyond orange gangway and the R of Master Yi.

Why is Riot not a fan of this CC?

The explanation doesn’t go in a direction Riot dislikes lame, not really. It’s much simpler than this. What happens is that is a CC that works specifically against certain champions.

For example, it doesn’t do much good against Ahri, Annie, or Veigar, just as it isn’t as effective against Nami, Thresh, or Vel’Koz. Yes to Ashe, Jax, Varus or Kayle, but not so much to Lee Sin, Zed or Talon either.

That’s why there aren’t so many silences or roots either: it doesn’t counter everything and, as we said at the beginning, Riot really likes to be both the type equipment of skills such as CCs that exist in the game.

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