Wunder reveals why he’s not playing with Fnatic in the LEC

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He timing that Wunder has had to explain why he’s not in Fnatic on this divided from LEC was awkward, as he could have spoken at a time when Fnatic was 0-6 in LEC with a partial of 8 consecutive losses.

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It didn’t turn out that way as the orange team, with Oscarinin and Advienne picking up the pace in the first team, finally won not one game, but two in a row, going 2-4 in the LEC table in this divided of Spring.

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Right at this delicate moment, Fnatic has spoken marvelreplacement topplaner of the team in LEC, revealing the reason why he is not playing this season.

The Danish, considered one of the best top planers from Europe during his time in G2 Esports, he did not give good results in Fnatic due to his style of play as the orange team has a top planer more aggressive and can Roadway the games.

However, that is not the reason why he is sitting on the bench, he said himself. “I don’t play because I don’t want to tryouts with Fnatic and other teams and deteriorating my professional situation,” he says.

That’s what Wunder claims oscarininea Spanish player who replaced him at Fnatic was willing to do tryouts and that is precisely why he is in the first team and not in the Dane.

Still, Wunder also failed to give the best level and the fact that he offers him to do tryouts It is a clear symptom that things were not going well for him or the team, confirming the decline of one of the best players in the LEC.

Source: Esports AS

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