2024 World Cup in Spain? There would be a possibility according to a means

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The last time we had a major international League of Legends tournament in Spain was in 2019, the year the world’s they visited Madrid in the quarter-finals and semi-finals with a legendary atmosphere.

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Riot was amazed by the Spanish crowd, who were trembling with all the matches and carried G2 Esports to the World Cup finals, in one of the greatest ever LoL matches between samurai and T1.

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That’s why Riot Games takes Spain very seriously as a venue for tournaments and news about them Worlds can go back to our land, it’s real. The English medium Esports News assures that the 2024 World Cups would be close to Spain.

Apparently, the support the London crowd gave to all of the MSI 2023 teams, whether European or LATAM, LPL or LCK, led Riot to see it as a spectacular venue for Worlds 2024.

But that’s not all, as Riot would think there would be other venues for different stages of the world championships Paris, Barcelona or Berlinsomething similar to what happened in Worlds 2019.

In other words, 5 years later we could again see the best players in the world in our country, especially in Barcelona, ​​which has become the nerve center of esports in Spain.

Can you imagine watching a semi-final in Barcelona with Elyoya taking on Faker? Dreaming is free, but why not? Spain has proven to be a great country for esports fans and there would be more than enough logistics for it.

Source: Esports AS

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