The two main reasons why G2 Esports is making waves in Europe

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There are times when the key to success is simply based on natural talent and having a gift for something, although in the vast majority of cases this is usually supplemented with work, sacrifice and dedication to something.

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You could say that the five G2 Esports players are talented and have a knack for competing in League of Legends, but what isn’t often seen as much is the amount of hard work that goes into their careers.

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The three-time European champions in 2023, a feat only eclipsed by Elyoya’s MAD Lions in the spring, have established themselves as the best team in the west and a clear candidate for dream at the 2023 World Cup.

G2 Esports wins its 12th LEC title in Montpellier

G2 Esports wins its 12th LEC title in Montpellier
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But that’s no coincidence G2 Esports dominates European LoL of plaster 13.1 with the start of winter LEC until 13.15 of the finals played last weekend.

And while it’s not a secret, not many people may know that G2 Esports has two big keys to success in the LECamong many others, such as natural individual talent and ability.

The first key is the dedication to soloQ that the 5 players have; all team starters are in Challenger above 900LP, with Mikyx being the one with the highest rank with a Highlight from 1810.

And according to their main accounts, every G2 Esports player has played hundreds of soloQ games in the current season. In fact, the data is the following:

  • Broken knife – 224 games with a win rate of 62%
  • Yes – 267 games with a win rate of 54%
  • caps – 294 games with a win rate of 57%
  • Hans Sama – 303 games with a 55% win rate
  • Mikyx – 224 games with a win rate of 62%

Not to mention all the games of the first season of S13, which confirms that every player is very damaged and plans to be among the best classified in the European soloQ, useless for many.

In addition to the second key The success of G2 Esports comes from the staff technically, not just because it is a fundamental part of the provisional version and knowledge of the game, but for fantastic organization of the team.

From August to September, G2 Esports hasn’t failed one bit gauze (training match) against LEC rivals such as SK Gaming, Excel or Fnatic, as well as EMEA Masters finalists Karmine Corp or Movistar Riders.

26 gauze in which they have a 80% of win rate (i.e., they win 20 out of 26) in 132 cards in total, with an average duration of 25 minutes. The highlight is that MAD Lions failed in 3 out of 3 gauze what have you done.

G2 wins the LEC

G2 wins the LEC

To put it in context: in the absence of a gauze It is not only not being present, but also, for example, not meeting all agreed hours or leaving the game before it ends if the result is not known.

Ultimately, being successful seems easy, but it isn’t: G2 Esports has talent and the best players in Europe, but also a staff committed to helping them train, play and study like no other in the region.

Source: Esports AS

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