KOI protects its star in the LEC with a four-year contract

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Rarely, if not very rarely, are long-term contracts seen in esports, perhaps because of how unstable and fast-paced the industry works depending on the year, because of the rising stars or because of how changing the world of esports is.

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For this reason, many contracts last 1 or 2 years, per season or with different nuances such as termination and transfer clauses, see a 4 year contract It is not only rare, but also scarce in the industry.

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It appears that Larsen, mid laner from the extinct Rogue and now KOI, is going to sign 4 years with the Ibai team in LEC, which would confirm that he would be in the organization and serve until 2027 8 years in the team.

He mid laner Swede was a key part of Rogue, champions of the LEC in 2022 and part of the top 3 of the league for several years, and is considered the most protected and key player of the team.

It is speculated that KOI goes one schedule around Larssenconsidered one of the best mid laners in Europe, who at 23 is also at an important age of competitive maturity.

Larssen, at the 2020 World Cup

Larssen, at the 2020 World Cup
/ Lolesports Flickr

Be that as it may, the news of Anonymously confirms the beginning of the market from LEC and the first information points to KOI, which No was experiencing its best economic moment.

Source: Esports AS

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