Briar crashes at launch because it isn’t suitable for newbies

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Briar has everything to succeed as a League of Legends champion: a cool launch movie, a tradition interesting, a gloomy but attractive appearance and above all some very interesting mechanics.

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The fact that she is a champion that CC himself to hit morecausing the player to lose control over it and have to learn the use of E, W and Q properly.

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Briar is coming to LoL

Briar is coming to LoL
/ Riot games

And therein lies the problem: Briar has one disastrous launch in terms of win ratea metric that Riot takes into account to judge a champion’s success or failure in the game.

It appears that Briar has about a 36% win rate in the first 54,000 games played with it at all levels, which confirms itself as one of the worst stats for a new LoL champion.

According to Lolalytica, is the 69th out of 69 jungle champion and is considered level D. But what is the reason for this disaster? Is the champion really that bad? The answer is that No, Briar is fine, but difficult to use.

And not only that: It has unprecedented mechanics that make a new player miss a lot with her, because what Briar does is become very competent with the Wcausing a automatic taunt and losing absolute control, which wreaks havoc but also leaves her very vulnerable.

Yes that is true it is very soft and the fact that he’s up against enemy champions doesn’t help, but there are players who, by maxing out W and using it well with E and timing The Qs wreak havoc.

This already happened with champions like Bel’Veth, who initially no one knew how to fully utilize her advantages and was placed in a position win rate very bad, so we think Briar will be successful with a few improvements and especially with the passage of time.

Source: Esports AS

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