Faker and T1 will play against Karmine Corp and Team Heretics in December

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When the 2023 World Cup ends on November 19 and we know which team has been crowned world champions, there will be no more LoL competitions until January next year.

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There are many days without competition for the hundreds of thousands of fans that competitive LoL has, although there will be a brand that dares to organize a very attractive competition in December.

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It will be the energy drink brand RedBull that has made the breakthrough Its own league a tournament that will be held in person at the Velodrom in Berlin and will have LUXURY guests, in capital letters.

Karmine CorpAfter the resounding success of its latest KCX3, which filled a stadium with more than 30,000 spectators, the first team confirmed for the event with the rumors about his entry into LEC in the air.

Although by the time the tournament is held it will be more or less known whether the French are in Europe’s top continental League of Legends competition, who will be joined in the tournament of Team Heretics.

The heretics will also participate in the said tournament, along with the Best team in competitive LoL history: T1led by a Faker who, who knows, will become world champion again for the 4th time in his history.

Faker is already in the World Cup

Faker is already in the World Cup

In addition to these 3 renowned sets, there will also be: BIG, Eintratch Spandau and NNO OldGerman teams (the first two compete in the German Prime League) and more announcements may follow.

In other editions there were more guests and perhaps this 2023 will be no exception. That is allowed, for example G2 Esports I want this to be an event in Berlin and have RedBull as a sponsor. There are no official days yet Yes, it will be in December.

Source: Esports AS

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