Hwei’s skills explained: Midlane Aphelios

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If you were hoping the new mid-AP champion would be easy to use, this is what you’ll get in an afternoon cold to play it in a few normal games to crack into it arranged then… well, you can forget about that idea.

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Or not if you’re a prodigy in this LoL or if you are mainly Aphelios because, yes, Riot has decided to reinvent itself think about this ADC champion for the design of Hweithe new AP mage arrives in 13.24.

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Because Hwei allows you to paint the face of your rivals with more than 10 unique skills depending on how you perform the combos, as Riot made it clear that they did not want monotony when playing this character.

Hwei’s passive encourages him to combine different skills (and not use his QQ over and over again without stopping) to get the most out of his palette of skills and maximize his damage output. For a rule of thirds enthusiast, what better way to create a damage trifecta than combining Hwei’s powers in his most explosive game, his own signature?

We are going to show you in detail all the skills of the new LoL champion, as well as a video made by SkinSpotlights in which they show all possible combos in action.

All of Hwei’s skills


Passive – Signature of the visionary

  • Hwei marks enemy champions targeted by his damage ability with his signature finishing touch. When you hit an enemy with two skills that deal damage, Hwei will continue to be reflected his mark on the ground under his feet. After a short time, the signature explodes, dealing damage to all enemies within range.

Q skills (disasters)

*Skills focused on damage and destruction of enemies.

Theme: Disasters (Q)

  • The skills of Disasters consist of unleashing all the destruction Hwei has caused throughout his life damage to enemies and earn gold in the process. Flames, lightning and even lava: Hwei has a whole palette of options at his disposal to wipe out the lives of enemies.

Devastating Flames (Q + Q)

  • Hwei paints a scorching fireball moving in the target direction. Explodes upon hitting the first enemy unit or reaching the end of its range, dealing magic damage and a percentage of maximum health as magic damage to all enemies in the area.

Separating energy (Q + W)

  • Hwei paints a devastating long-range beam on the target location. After a short delay, the beam hits and deals magical damage. Immobilized or isolated enemies take extra damage based on their missing health.

Magmatic rift (Q + E)

  • Hwei paints a field of explosive volcanic eruptions that leave behind lava. Each burst causes magical damage to affected enemies. Enemies in the lava take magic damage per second and are slowed.

W Skills (Serenities)

*Hwei paints visions of serenity that make him and his allies useful.

Smooth current (W + Q)

  • Hwei paints a stream of water in a straight line, which lasts and pours for a few seconds speed of movement to the champion and his allies.

Reflecting Waters (W + W)

  • Hwei creates a protective pool that lasts for a few seconds at the target location. The Allied Champions found in the area immediately receives a shieldwhose value increases for a few seconds while they are in the area.

Inspiring light (W+E)

  • Hwei paints three lights that revolve around him for several seconds. Your followers three attacks or skills deal additional magical damage and give you mana on impact.

E-skills (afflictions)

*Hwei paints visions of torment controlling his enemies. CC and crowd control skills.

gloomy face (E + Q)

  • Hwei casts a gruesome face on the first enemy hit, causing him to do so deals magical damage and the frightens for a short period.

View from the Abyss (E + W)

  • Hwei paints an abyss eye on the target location. The eye gives you sight and… set as a goal to the first enemy champion visible. After a short while the eye darts to the aforementioned champion, who immobilizes a few seconds until the first enemy hit and deals magical damage.

Devastating Maw (E + E)

  • Hwei paints a devastating maw that deals damage to enemies it hits and attract towards its center, they slow down a fixed amount that decreases quickly.

The Ultimate: Vortex of Pain (R)

  • Hwei casts a vision of pure desperation that lingers on an enemy champion for a few seconds. The vision expands and overwhelms all enemies it comes into contact with inflicts magic damage per second.
  • Applies stacks of Despair to enemies in the area for the duration. Each stack of desperation applies a slow stacking rate. At the end the vision breaks, what inflicts magical damage.

Video overview of all your skills (in English)

Source: Esports AS

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