Lost Ark: Destruction For Destiny Only Could Be An Announced Update

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Partially announced on the April and May roadmap, game developers have released a major update to Lost Ark.

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Amazon Games and Smilegate RPGs He wanted to provide players with new content at the right time so that they don’t get frustrated because they don’t have the required item level. Based on its success, most characters in the archetype now seem to have access to it. 2 new raids: Waltan and Descaluda. In order to get as many players as possible to participate, the developers are offering express event missions until May 19.

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Legion Raid: Waltan

Offers normal and heavy modeWaltan becomes the first legion attack on the western version of the Lost Ark† Legion Raids is a real challenge for players and requires the team to adopt a specific strategy that can challenge each commander’s skills and mechanics. These raids are considered long and grueling and contain portals to progress.

8 players can participate in Valtan Raid. To access, players must have a minimum item level of 1415 in normal mode and 1445 in heavy mode. In addition, rare relic gear will appear. They will receive more armor and weapon bonuses, as well as more stats and engraving nodes in accessories, developed from materials obtained during raids.

Protective Raid: Descaluda

In order not to start a new dark age, players must meet the new defender Descaluda. If you have an item level of 1415, it is possible to participate in this raid alone or with a team of 4 people.

Advanced Warrior Class: Destroyer

Join Paladin, Berserker and Gunslinger, warrior become the 4th advanced warrior class. With the hammer, the fighter will take advantage of terrifying attacks before gravity affects them. In particular, it will enable you to balance your opponents.

Other news will appear:

  • Chaos Line Hard Mode, Thunder Wings Field Boss, South Bern Chaos Gates, South Bern Ghost Ship and South Bern Chaos Dungeons It will go in the belt.
  • New Event: Wild Rise Island: Players who turn into chickens or beers will have to fight the boss Monarch to earn event tokens.
  • New Guild Activities: You can: Fight against other guilds in PvP True Enter the base with your guild and search for the Silmael Eater† The faster you kill him, the higher you will rise in the Guild rank.

Finally, the pop-up shop will sell individual skins such as: Hats, t-shirts, jeans and even dresseslet youHeads dressed in modern clothes.

Source: Eclypsia

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