The Lost Ark: New Wrath of the Legion of Avarice update is now live

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This is the new free MMOARPG update! lost bowBrings two new raids, a new solo dungeon, a new event island and many more new features† Of the several changes that this update brings, really the most important is: Daily updates and top-ups will take place one day from next week.

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So just the players Six days before the raids resume. It is designed to bring change More time for developers To resolve potential weekend update issues. Another very interesting addition is the addition of the CAPTCHA system as part of the ongoing battle against bots.

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As for the two raids, we find the first. Raid on Vika Legion† In this raid you will have to face Dangerous and Attractive Members Before confronting him, Vikas, the commander of the Legion of Hate, said, “Red Garden of Admiration† For the second robbery Guard Raid: Kungelanium† Players will have to face the predatory Cungelanium, a mighty force in the Great War Waking up from their ice sleep Before the demonic legions reappeared in Archeia.

lots of cosmetics Also added in this update A vibrating island that brings the title to the atmosphere of summer† You can view all the news by clicking here.

Source: Eclypsia

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