Lost Ark Launches ‘Under the Sun of Archaea’ August Update

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Lost Ark’s new summer update “Under the Sunshine of Archesia” is coming to the game on August 24. After deploying this big August patch, you can celebrate the end of summer. New Maharaka Festival and Animal Farm. This update also notes: The Return of the Event WatchersArenas are available at battle level 50 and element level 250.

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Finally, the update introduces new cosmetics to the store. Wingsuit Motorcycle Selection Crate and Shiba Inu Pet Pack. The full patch note can be found here.

Lost Arc Patch Note Archesia in the Sun

Highlights: Events and Features

Guardians of the event

The Guardians of the Event return to Archesia! Discover another version of Guardian Raids that pits you against three Guardians (alone or in groups) in an arena subject to harmony. To enter the arena, you must reach battle level 50 and item level 250. Your goal is to attack the event guard so that he drops the stacked bonuses three times. Bonuses will do you massive damage. When all three guards are defeated, the tokens fall into a reward box that you can open once per day per character. You can spend coins from event vendors who offer different rewards each week.

Family farm

Pet Ranch is a new part of Stronghold where pets can play, become more useful companions and help you earn valuable rewards. Cute pets are ready to help their noble owners by making jelly cakes and gaining pet experience to level up and unlock new skills.

Pets can become legendary by reaching maximum pet specialization and spending the pet booster tokens you get for jelly cookies. Various features are unlocked as the pet becomes legendary. Legendary pets gain a powerful ability (randomly), and at random intervals, one of the three effects the ability provides is applied to you during combat. There are 6 pet skills that can be randomly unlocked or changed by a pet.

Learn about Pet Ranch, Legendary Pets, and Rewards at the Lost Ark Academy dedicated to Pet Ranch!

Maharaka Festival: Mokokos in Bloom

The leaves of the maharaka tree that grows in the Maharaka paradise are said to bring good luck. Collect as many as you can during the Maharaka Festival and exchange them for valuable rewards! This month, a new activity has been added to the Maharaka Festival: the blooming mokoko. Collect gold when you see a mokoko blooming every hour in Maharaka’s Paradise. The more you find, the better your chances!

General and store updates

The “Under the Arkesian Sun” update includes new weapons and armor, pets and special packs, mounts and castle decorations.

WING TEAM ARMOR SKIN and NEON WAPON SKIN: available until September 28th

WINGING SUIT Motorcycle Selection Box: Available until September 28th

SPRING DREAM WEAPONS: Available until September 28th

SHIBA INU PET: Available until September 28

CIRCUIT CASTLE decorations

General updates

  • Reactivated express growth was previously available in store. Express Growth gets 25% off until September 7th. If the top tier of an account unit is changed to Fast Growth Purchase, the following restrictions will apply to the account for 72 hours:

    • It is not possible to get a gold billing letter.

    • Mail with gold confirmed cannot be shipped.

    • Unable to send email with attached objects.

    • Changes cannot be passed on during a 1:1 change.

    • It is not possible to gift an item in a 1:1 exchange.

    • Inability to buy or store products in the market

    • Inability to buy, store or bid on auction house items

    • Unable to participate in the loot auction

    • Crystals cannot be purchased

  • Giant Aid Package purchase limit increased from 1 time to 3 times.

  • Download custom map packs, development support packs, and other monthly downloads.

  • Added a new reward chain for daily login.

  • Gold earned with Una Tokens no longer comes as coins.

Noticeable bugs fixed

  • Fixed an issue that prevented new accounts from accessing LA chat.

  • Fixed an issue where the chat mode indicator matched the chat color.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Suggested Content panel from appearing as a clickable button in the Express Events menu.

  • Fixed an issue where certain objects could not move in the “Turtle Heart” dungeon.

  • Fixed an issue where additional Founder’s Pack skins appeared in character packs instead of exploration packs.

  • Fixed an issue where the Infernal Legion’s raid achievements were showing in the “Legion Raid” section.

  • Fixed an issue where the wrong icon was displayed for the warrior hairstyle.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the speech bubble displayed above the NPC in South Bern to disappear very quickly.

  • Fixed an issue where the expiration date and time of several items were not displayed correctly.

  • Fixed several localization issues.

We wish you a nice time under the sun of Archésia!

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Source: Eclypsia

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