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Mobile Legends Lucky Star 2022 event: how to get all heroes and skins


The lucky star of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) 2022 is back, giving players a chance to win all of the game’s characters and skins. The event instructs players to collect excavation funds to be used on May 15. Digging through the provided map will reward players with a variety of rewards, with a massive reward that permanently unlocks all available characters and skins. From May 7, players can start collecting their Excavation Chances until the day the map is unlocked, so players can start digging for exciting rewards. However, characters and skins unlocked through the Lucky Star MLBB 2022 event can only be used in the classic game mode and cannot be used in the ranked competitive game mode.

Mobile Legends 2022 Lucky Star event details

One of the biggest gaming events in MLBB is back to give players the chance to get as many characters and skins as they want. Players can start collecting their Excavation Chances until May 14. The more chances you have, the higher your chances of winning.

How to collect excavation opportunities

Just tap the compass in the lower right corner of the screen. After the first tap, players can click again to request a second chance to dig and share the event on their social media.

Mobile Legends 2022 Lucky Star Event Review.

Players should note that they can only purchase two Pickaxe Chances per day, so be sure to claim both daily to maximize your chances of winning.

Players can get digs for rewards on May 15.


Here are the rewards and how many players can purchase them by entering the event map;

  • 1st Reward: Permanent access to all characters and skins – 1 player

  • 2nd place: All 3,515 M-World skins – 10 players

  • 3rd place: 515 M-World Skin Choice chests x2 – 100 players

  • 4th Reward: 515 M-World Skin Choice chests x1 – 1,800 players

  • 5th Reward: 515 Random M-World Skin Trial Cards (1 day) x1 – 5000 players

  • Reward 6: Daily View Trial Card – No Limit

Players should note that the “All Heroes” and “All Skins” rewards in the backdrop refer to characters and skins released before May 1, 2022. Tournament series, private and public skins have been removed from the list of free skins.

Event rewards are only tied to the winner’s account and server and are not shared by other accounts and servers. Winning players cannot sell or rent their accounts. If the mentioned player is caught, the rewards will be removed.

Source: AFK Gaming

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