How to express the emotions of the MSI 2022 team in League of Legends?

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The 2022 mid-season invite kicks off on May 10, and the League of Legends community is delighted to host the first international event of the year. Fans can support their favorite teams and even recruit fans from the game client. One way to do this is to unlock MSI 2022 squad emotes in the game client and show them while playing the various modes available in League of Legends.

What are the emotions in League of Legends?

Essentially, emotes are expressive cartoon images used in-game as cosmetic explosions in League of Legends. Emotions are often images of different champions and little legends depicting different expressions. Players can access Emotion Radial using the default hotkey T. They can also adjust the emotions by going to the Customer tab before the game and equipping their favorite emotions accordingly.

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Emotions in League of Legends

What are the feelings of the MSI 2022 team?

All eleven teams participating in MSI 2022 have their own logos designed as in-game emotes. Players can choose to unlock these emotions and add them to their emotional wheel so they can spam while playing League of Legends.

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The following MSI 2022 emotes are currently available in store:

  • BurstN Focus Emote

  • Bad Gene Expression

  • FastPay Wild Cats Emoticon

  • Expression G2 Esports

  • Order emoticons

  • PSG Claw Emote

  • Kalunga RED Emoticon

  • The kingdom never gives up on feelings

  • saigon buffalo expression

  • T1 expression

  • Team Aze Emote

How to buy the emotions of the MSI 2022 team?

MSI Team Emotions 2022 is currently available on the League of Legends Store. Players need to log into the game client, navigate the store and click on the “Accessories” tab. This will take them to a page with Emotions, Clash Tickets, Camera Skins and other collectibles.

Feelings of the MSI 2022 team

What is the cost of team emotions?

In the League of Legends store, each team’s emotions are valued with 350 Riot Points (RP). However, players can choose to purchase the MSI 2022 Emote Pack for 1342 RP.

In addition to these excitements, players will also have the chance to win special prizes related to MSI 2022 by watching live matches. It is worth noting that this drop is random and can happen at any time of the day and relates to specific times of the tournament.

Source: AFK Gaming

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