Axie Infinity includes user-generated content through the Builders program

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Sky Mavis, the developer behind the popular non-fungible token title Axie Infinity, has announced its creation program to promote customer-generated content (UGC). It will be a laboratory for Axie-related games and experiences created by the community and by enthusiastic developers and fans. As the number of games in the Axie Builders program grows, players will be able to access UGC through NFT tickets as a universal gateway to the ever-expanding world of experience. Sky Mavis encourages fans to develop their games around the monetizable Axie Infinity brand. Part of the proceeds will be divided between the developers themselves and the public treasury.

Sky Mavis offers fans the ability to develop Axie-related monetized content through Builders

The aim is to bring together and reward community developers who have contributed to the development of the Axie Infinity ecosystem and to enhance the community’s ability to create gaming experiences and tools that add to what Sky Mavis has to offer.

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Check out Axie-related community-created content

According to Sky Mavis, “Twelve projects out of 2000 applications were accepted into the builders program. From Across Lunacia, a platform adventure you can start with your Axie, to Mech Infinity, a real-life fighting game where Axies uses their unique abilities to control monsters in epic battles, the plans develop Axie’s mission to build a community.

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Teams selected under the program will receive the following incentives;

  • A minimum grant of $10,000 for their projects at AXS.

  • Instructions from the SM design, game design, and product teams.

  • Entitlement to monetize your game using unlimited Axie Infinity IPs with a generous revenue-sharing model designed to reward the developer while supporting in-game rewards for gamers.

  • Exclusive access to technical integrations such as Ronin Single Sign-on and Ronin Wallet Transactions.

  • Introduce their projects to the public with Sky Mavis.

Community developers who haven’t joined the Builders program can continue to monetize Axie-related content as long as they participate.

“Community building is the Axie Infinity ecosystem’s guide to the North Star and will be the core engine of large-scale value creation over time. The Builders program is the first step towards a new world where the community can make a meaningful and meaningful contribution directly to the games and projects they love, and is one of many initiatives that will allow players to have more fun than the aces they already have. We look forward to the launch of these projects and what the community will create next. ” Said Philip La, leader of Axie Infinity’s gaming products.

The developer program is separate from other initiatives, including allowing major game studios to develop original content games on the Ronin blockchain. In the future, Sky Mavis will announce new partnerships with creators of the world’s most exciting games, from India to AAA (Triple A) studios.

Source: AFK Gaming

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