VALORANT: New map, new ranking … Find changes 5.0 patch

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Scheduled for June 22Patch 5.0 Brave man remember that New card, pearl! The latter will not be immediately available for competitive play. you will have to wait two weeks Play on this map after patch layout Unrated instead of competitive mode

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This patch announces the start Chapter 5 Action IAlso adds a new rank between Diamond and Immortal. called growingThis title is intended Divide different players better. And last but not least, Split map temporarily removed from map background Competitive and unclassified modes.

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Developers want to continue Number of playing cards up to 7 Giving players a chance to master the cards during a good variety. After analyzing various factors, the choice was made for splitBut the developers reassure map fans, it will be It will be back in future updates.

Find Patch Notes through this link Or just below:

Map updates


  • New map: İnci is live!
  • Number one only for Pearl
    • This series is a standard, unclassified mode that gives players a chance to practice on a new map before seeing it in competitive mode.
    • The Pearl series will be available in 2 weeks, after which Pearl will switch to competitive mode.


  • We are temporarily unlocking Split from the map pool in unranked and competitive ranks.
  • There are reasons! You can read more about our decision in the Map Basin Update article.

Competitive Updates

New rank: Ascending

  • Above Diamond, below Immortal, we have added an additional rank called “Ascending”.
    • We think you have too many in our lower ranks, especially bronze and silver. If we look at the rank distribution, we’ve noticed that if we move some of you up and down in these lower ranks, they’ll shift into the platinum and diamond ranks. By adding new ranks, we can score better, maintain the prestige of higher ranks, and also help better define the skill level of each rank.
  • The MMR targets defining the following ranks have been moved due to the addition of a new ascendant rank for all ranks below the promoter. Moves Immortal’s 1/2/3 and Radiant ratings to the castle.
    • This is a hurdle that says “You must have X MMR to reach this rank”. MMR goals determine your RR performance and help you rank higher to match your MMR.
  • This means that if players are below the riser, they will rise.
  • To live up to our expectations of what it means to be at the top of VALORANT, Immortal+ players will find it more difficult to return to the rankings of previous installments. This means that Immortal+ will also have a low population in all regions.
  • The Season Reset may not let you see an ups and downs in your ranking at the beginning of the episode, but the reset will be “less difficult” than it was in the last episode. So if we build a player base to fill the rising, the reboot won’t bother you.
  • Next time it comes to sorting, you’ll probably miss a lot more from this section. Note that the “softer” reset is unique due to the introduction of a riser clamp for this section.
  • The group limits for the Ascendant are 3 ranks above or below the Rising player.
    • This complies with our Platinum+ packaging guidelines.
  • Changed the highest place allowed to Ascend 1 (formerly Diamond 1).
  • The 25% RR penalty for stacking five players now starts in Immortal 1 (formerly Diamond 3).
  • Solo/Duo/5 stacking limit now starts in Immortal 1 (formerly Diamond 3).
    • Remember that previously Diamond 3 and above could only play solo, duet and stack 5. This limitation now starts in Immortal 1.
    • Adding an extra rank allowed us to change the stack penalty of five and the Solo/Duo restrictions in Immortal. This makes it clearer: Immortal is the starting point for rankings, which is why we try to make players more responsible for their rankings.
  • Since the name doesn’t match the new title, Level 8 Agent Contract Blocked by Sage – we’ve renamed Sage’s new title to ‘Dauntless’.
    • We didn’t choose to lightly rename this title, but after reviewing the title, we felt there was an opportunity to give it more meaning to the page and its personality/theme.




  • Fixed a bug where Jet could equip a weapon during Tailwind.
  • Fixed a bug where agents spotted by Sova’s Scout Arrow or Fade’s Haunting would sometimes appear in the wrong place in the van.
  • Fixed a bug where the visual effect was sometimes lost when targeting landmarks with Chamber’s Tour de Force.

game systems

  • Fixed a bug that could cause channels and progress bar animations to flicker when using the Ultimate Point Orb or lowering the Spike to maximum distances.
  • A bug has been reported where the channel progress bar would not refresh if the player disconnects and reconnects during the match.
  • There was a bug where some weapon devices could display incorrect speed animations, giving the wrong impression of when to fire. Here are some cases affected by this bug
    • Cypher comes from Spycam
    • Hit the endpoint orbs
    • Removal and sale of the spike plant

Source: Eclypsia

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