Razor Ramon, His History in Video Games: From Debut to WWE 2K22

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The Scott Hall race, for wrestling fans Razor Ramon, stopped at age 63, when the family decided to disconnect the machines that kept him alive after three consecutive heart attacks. But what a race it was: Hall de facto defined the role and characteristics of the heel, the villain, in the world of wrestling, turning him into a character fans have come to love despite his over the top demeanor. His parable in video games could therefore only be long and glorious, starting at the dawn of digital sports entertainment and continuing through the final chapter of the WWE 2K series.

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Razor Ramon’s Gaming Debut –

Razor Ramon and the world of video games have come a long way together, starting with WWF Royal Rumble, a game that marks their debut on the video game scene. The title dates from 1993, released on SNES and SEGA Mega Drive, bears the signature of the late Acclaim Entertainment, who curated most historic wrestling titles prior to the THQ and 2K eras. His character was part of the roster of only 17 elements, seven in common between the two versions and five exclusive, depending on the platform chosen (Ric Flair, Mr. Perfect, Ted DiBiase, Yokozuna and Tatanka for SNES, Hulk Hogan, IRS, Jim Duggan, The Model and Papa Shango for Mega Drive).

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Appearance in WWE 2K22 –

Hall then made his WWE 2K debut with WWE 2K14 and has been a regular on the Legends cast ever since. In the most recent WWE 2K22, released just last week, Razor Ramon has been faithfully reproduced in great detail (with his unforgettable spigot), is unlockable with 1,000 VC, the in-game currency, and has a rating of 84: ten points above the bottom of the leaderboard, eleven from the top, proving how much the memory of the character and wrestler – despite the many years that have passed since his last appearance in the ring – is still very much alive.

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