Isaiah 13 is a single-player RTS coming to iOS and Android on July 23.

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Noble Bros LLC has officially announced that the studio’s sci-fi game Isaiah 13 will be coming to iOS and Android devices on July 23. Players can expect to engage in a single-player real-time strategy (RTS) experience with puzzle-like mechanics across the galaxy.

In Isaiah 13, players can expect planets to gain enough power while fighting against evil AI forces. While collecting energy crystals and reloading their cannons, they must devise the best tactics to defeat their enemies. Do you have what it takes to defeat the Planet Eaters and save humanity once and for all?

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The game also has several gear that you can customize to find the best gear that best suits your playstyle. Screenshots available online show there’s a cute robot dog you’ll encounter along the way, and there’s always a blast when a dog gets involved.

Isaiah 13 will be officially released on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store for Android devices on July 23. This is a premium title that costs $2.99 ​​per pop or your local equivalent. If you want to join in all the fun, you can read more about the work in the embedded clip on the official website above to get an idea of ​​the graphics, gameplay and mechanics of the game.

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Source: Pocket Gamer

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