League of Legends Monster Trainer: Riot Games reveals the next outer line

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League of Legends fans haven’t been able to get past the Star Guardian skins that Riot Games introduced in the last patch, and now the company is preparing to release a new skin called Monster Tamers. At the start of League of Legends 2021, Riot Games said they are investigating the Monster Terers concept, but the theme has not been taken up by the community as a whole. Instead, the global community voted for a theme called Crime City Nightmare. However, it was 2021 and it looks like Riot Games is doubling down on the Monster Trainer idea and releasing an overlay for it.

What is the plot of the Monster Trainer?

In the season 11 livestream, Riot Games said that Monster Terers is a world where champions use powerful Runeterra creatures to challenge each other in high-stakes games. He also showed off concept art for Monster Tamer Janna and Monster Tamer Ezreal, but it’s surprising that no new changes have been made by the company to these bottom laner champions.

Which champions are in the Monster Terers skin line?

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Riot Games has released a preview of the upcoming Monster Terers skin, and below are the champions that are part of it:

  • weighbridge

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  • Kogmau

From the looks of the three skins, the outline is clearly inspired by the Pokémon from the hit anime. to write, “Monster tamers were seen in Adventures in the PBE.

The trailer’s first champion is the evil Yordle Veigar, who was given a skull mask to match his dark purple outfit. The skull animation reflects his other abilities as well, and this look gives absolutely terrifying vibes. The skin appears to be inspired by Duskull, a ghost-type Pokemon that literally looks like a skull.

By the way, Monster Tamer Kog’Maw sounds good and looks pretty interesting. The suit features shades of yellow, gold, and purple, and Kog’Maw uses lightning to stun enemies with his skin abilities. Beast Trainer Kog’Maw’s flashback animation features three adorable, smaller versions of himself. Kog’Maw’s skin could be a tribute to Pikachu’s beloved anime.

The third champion on the Skinline is Lulu, who also wears a yellow suit. Monster Tamer Lulu’s clothes also have electrical symbols. However, as we suspect Kog’Maw was inspired by Pikachu, Lulu could be a trainer or gym leader in Summoner’s Rift. Simply put, Lulu and her goblins look so cute in the new Monster Trainer theme.

With these three skins for the public beta environment, players can expect Monster Tamers to arrive in Summoner’s Rift with LoL Patch 12.15 set to release on August 10.

Source: AFK Gaming

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