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Credits: Intel

Still with no set release date, Intel Raptor Lake CPUs continue to have leaked benchmarks. This time the 13th generation 1st generation SKU, i9-13900Kappeared in tests performed on 7-Zip. The processor performed up to 60% better than Intel’s current most powerful CPU, the i9-12900K.

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The results, published by a raichu on Twitter, show that the new CPU is about 20% faster than Core i9-12900K in compression. But when it comes to data decompression, the i9-13900K manages to be 60% faster. Intel’s next high-end standard CPU scored 231 GIPS, compared to 144 GIP for the Alder Lake i9.

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So far, rumors say that the i9-13900K will be a processor with significantly higher clock rates and core count than the i9-12900K. The test result image shows that the Raptor Lake CPU has achieved 5716 MHz on one thread and 4611 on 16 threads.

For comparison, the i9-12900K, which also published its result, manages to hit 5021 MHz and 4060 MHz respectively in the 7-Zip benchmark. The difference in result is also due to the number of cores and threads the i9-13900K has more compared to its current equivalent.

Raptor Lake CPU Specs

Core i9-13900K: 24 cores (8+16)/32 threads – 5.8 GHz – 36 MB cache, 125 W (PL1)/253 W (PL2)*
Core i9-12900K: 16 cores (8+8) / 24 threads – 5.2 GHz – 30 MB cache, 125 W (PL1) / 241 W (PL2)
Core i7-13700K: 16 cores (8+8)/24 threads – 5.3GHz – 54MB cache, 125W (PL1)/225W (PL2)*
Core i7-12700K: 12 cores (8+4)/20 threads – 5.0 GHz – 25 MB cache, 125 W (PL1)/190 W (PL2)
Core i5-13600K: 14 Cores (6+8)/20 Threads – 5.1GHz – 44MB Cache, 125W (PL1)/180W (PL2)*
Core i5-12600K: 10 cores (6+4)/16 threads – 4.9GHz – 20MB cache, 125W (PL1)/150W (PL2)
*based on unofficial information so far

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The announcement of the Intel Raptor Lake processors is expected at the Intel Innovation event, which will take place on September 27. The same day that AMD is expected to launch the first “Raphael” Ryzen 7000 series CPUs. As for the launch of Intel’s 13th generation processors, rumors point to October at the moment.

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