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Credits: Iron Man VR (PlayStation)

In 2012 the Disney canceled a game project Iron Man which was being developed by avalanche studiesThe information came from an interview with the co-founder of the study, christopher sundberggranted to the channel MinnMax not Youtube.

Sundberg reported that around 2012 the team of avalanche i was working on a game Iron Manit would be in an open world, but the Disney canceled the project after avalanche not agree with the new guidelines that the company of the Mickey I wanted to speed up development.

The co-founder himself defined the game they were working on as “a very confusing project that could have been very, very good”, and stated that in addition to taking off and flying anywhere, there would also be plenty of hand-to-hand combat.

The former executive of avalanche reported that the Disney he apparently asked the studio to hire more employees to speed up the game’s development, which, in the company’s opinion, if carried out, would have “completely broke the studio”.

the game of Iron Man ended up being canceled and there has been no announcement of a hero game as of yet, despite rumors that the electronic arts is developing a game of it and Black Pantheras we have already brought here in adrenalin.

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christopher sundberg He spoke clearly about the situation: “It was something like shortening the development time, increasing the budget, and we would have to hire 70 or 80 people for the team that would have the responsibility of finding a new project [após a conclusão]and declared: “Development time was reduced so much that it was impossible to make [concluir o jogo rapidamente]. It would have completely destroyed the study if we had agreed.”

He was also concerned about the team that would be left without an available project in the company: “At the end of a project, when the team is downsizing, that’s when you need to find a new project, and with that year of development time cut from the original plan, it would mean I’d have one less year to find a new project for a big team. of development that would have been impossible, and hiring all these developers would have been a complete nightmare, so it was for the best.”

do you think he avalanche studies would have done a good job on a game Iron Man? Do you think a hero game could be in development right now? Share in the comments with your opinion!

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