League of Legends World Treks: How the Europeans Went

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On September 29, the League of Legends World Championship, the Worlds 2022, debuts from Mexico City and then moves on to the rest of the United States, via Atlanta via New York to San Francisco. The weekend just ended has confirmed the final placement, with Europe crowning it the Rogues, their first Lec title win, Cloud9, is victorious for the fifth time, while in Turkey, the Istanbul Wildcats have taken the title while securing the pass to the world championship. At the end of the LCS North American final, the group draws for the World Cup were then contested, both for the pre-stage of Play-In and for the subsequent group stage.

China and Korea together

The twelve teams participating in the Play-ins were divided into two groups of six. The first of each round will go straight to the next stage of the Main Event, while the fifth and sixth will greet the tournament without appeal. However, the third and fourth play against each other with the winner competing against the second of the other group: whoever wins will qualify for the group stage. Certainly not a bad draw for the Europeans, especially considering that the two battleships, the Chinese Rng (reigning MSI champions) and the Korean Drx, ended up in the same Group B, where the European Mad Lions, the Vietnamese Saigon Buffalo, the Turks Wildcats and the Argentinian Isurus. A group that is not easy, but if they challenged the second of group A it would be much more affordable. Namely, with Fnatic being the third European seed, there are the Taiwanese from Beyond Gaming, the Japanese Detonation Focus Me, the Evil Geniuses from North America, the Loud from Brazil and the Australians from Chief Esports. For the Orange-Blacks it doesn’t seem like a complicated group in which it is necessary to finish first to avoid Drx or Rng from Group B.

Rogue still unlucky

After the play-in draw, the Main Event groups were also played. The reigning World Champion, the Edg, has been included in Group A where they also fished the Cloud9 and T1 for a decidedly sizzling group. The G2 Esports, surprisingly defeated by the Rogues 3-0 in the Lec final, instead they found the Chinese champions of the Jdg and the Korean Damwon Kia world champions in 2020 after passing the G2 in the semi-finals. The Rogues have amassed the Top Esports from China and the Gam Esports from Vietnam, however at the risk of also finding the Korean Drx if it passes the play-ins, forcibly inserted into group C for the criterion according to which no teams from the same region may be in the same group (except European). Finally, the Korean champions of the Gegns will play against the 100 Thieves and the Flying Oyster with the unknown having the Rngs for the same previous forcing speech.

Source : Corriere Dello Sport

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