EVOS Legends to donate PH Star Dlar to MDL division

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One of the best mobile legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) star in the Philippines (PH), Gerald “dollar” Trinchera relegated to the Development League. A pro player will trade for risk “kiss” Damank, a member of EVOS Icon, the development team of an esports organization. Alongside the relegation of the PH star, various changes have been announced in the technical staff of EVOS Legends. According to the eSports organization, this will be the final change for the team battling for the playoffs in Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) Indonesia (ID) season 10.

Sending dollars to EVOS Icon in exchange for psychos

Dlar made a great debut as EXP lane for EVOS Legends in MPL ID season 10. However, EVOS Legends seems to be trying to discover more synergies that could help them in their upcoming game.

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The surprising roster update was announced by EVOS Legends in a Facebook post. Announced that Dollar will join the roster of the Mobile Legends Development League (MDL), Saykots will move to the Pro League.

“Yes, that is very true. From today the Dollar and the Sycots are changing positions. EVOS tagged esports.

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In addition to the sudden change of EXP Laners, EVOS Legends also has Steven’s “here” Gunavani will now work as an analyst and Stanley “Tax plan” Hermavan will be the team’s assistant coach.

The PH star’s sudden decline has left fans stunned by some MLBB talents like Frederick Handy. “Mirko” Loho shares her reaction to the change of roles.

It will be interesting to see how EVOS Legends’ new MPL EXP Laneer ID performs in upcoming Season 10 matches. As for Dollar, it will be playing alongside veteran players like Ferdiansia. “Ferxico” Kamaruddin and Jabran “Branch” It’s under the Wiloko EVOS icon.

Source: AFK Gaming

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