RSG PH upset the TNC Pro team while Demonkite hit Savage for the first time in his career

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Johnard, hero of the RSG PH jungle “devil’s kit” Caranto recorded the first streak of Savage’s career in Mobile Legends season 10: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) Philippines (PH). The Raiders managed to fight back against the TNC Pro Team to finish second. Ranking with a total of 17 points. TNC Pro Team is still in a critical position and is in danger of exiting the playoffs.

Demonkit shared his thoughts on Ralph at the post-match press conference “Fast” Adrales’ statement said he should join RSG PH, but he declined the offer and joined ONIC PH.

RSG PH rejects TNC Pro Team in pay arc

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Reigning MPL PH season 10 champions RSG PH continued their regular season raid streak after a successful 2-1 defeat against TNC Pro Team.

The Phoenix team managed to win the first game with a remarkable comeback thanks to Mark. “Drop” Paquito di Rusiana prints the map, which distracts RSG PH. However, the Raiders learned from the mistakes of the first game and took a more offensive approach, which led to Savage securing a 16-minute kill streak of game three before Demonkit ended the series with a victory.

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Demonkite recorded his first kill streak as the Wild.

RSG PH Light and Demonkite share their thoughts on Rapidoot announcement

ONIC PH Rapidoot roamer previously shared how he tried RSG for PH and failed. This led to Dylan “Subki” Katipon has a chance to join the Raiders.

Shortly after his win with TNC Pro Team, Light shared his side of the story, noting that there are five potential players who could make the team.

“What he said was that he would be the one to join. [instead of me]In fact, Aries Panda has a top 5 [candidates] Me, Perks, Ogwen, Rapidot and someone I forget but five of us. Description of RSG PH star rover.

But according to Light, he was the only one who showed up when summoned.

“They’re not gone, but that’s not my problem.” Added.

RSG shared his thoughts on the PH Light and Rapidoot announcement

Demonkit also shared his thoughts at the post-match press conference. RSG PH said there was no final decision when he auditioned, so he wasn’t even sure if Rapidoot would join the team in the first place.

“Actually, there were no finalists at the rehearsals at that time. No one was sure about the top five recruits. It is the hired person who goes to Bootcamp to try and plays better. “ Description of the demonic kit.

Light and Rapidoot will have the opportunity to face off once again as RSG PH will face ONIC PH on September 18 at 17:00 (PHT). The TNC Pro team will need to find a way to recover from the shaky performance as they face Omega Esports later that day at 7:30 PM (PHT).

Source: AFK Gaming

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