The Rogues are the new European Champions of League of Legends

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A story of redemption: this is the only way to describe the rise to the throne of the Rogue, an esports organization of North American origin, and whose founders even include international deejay Steve Aoki, but now established at European level on several titles, including Rocket League and Rainbow Six Siege. However, the title the victory refers to is League of Legends, esports by Riot Games, which is undoubtedly one of the most followed competitive video games in the world, including Europe and Italy. The LEC Championship, League of Legends European Championship, a continental competition featuring the top ten European teams, is also the most followed by fans, not just the curious and those who want to reach the top one day. With this property, the victory of one of the most prestigious championships in the world is a result that finally rewards the Rogues after years of trying.

The History of the Rogues

If other esports have already won the Rogues, League of Legends is the first trophy to be won at the highest level following their academy’s victory at the European Masters in the summer of 2020 two years ago. A win the organization has been planning since joining the LEC franchise in 2019, under the founders of the league that replaced the old EULCS. In their first split, the Rogues finished the regular season in tenth place with just two wins, far from the play-offs and the battle for the title. In 2021, LEC will experience a profound moment of change with the arrival of many new players. The Rogues alternate topplaner Finn with veteran Odoamne, while in botlane Hans Sama, who arrived the year before, is joined by young Trymbi, with a quick past in Italy, called in to replace Vander. However, at the helm is always the same head coach, the subject of His Majesty Charles III Simon Payne, aka Fredy122, former player with decades of knowledge of League of Legends.

From disappointment to triumph

However, the trophy looks cursed: Leading 2-0 in the series from the 2021 finals to the best of five games, the Rogues reunite and lose with the Mad Lions capturing their first LEC title, and the repeat success also in the Summer with the Rogues stopped in the semifinals by Fnatic. In 2022, the team replaced the Inspired jungler long courted by the North Americans with the Korean Malrang and the botlaner Hans Sama with the Greek Comp, who was too easily let down the year before by the Vitalities, he is permanently at the top of the standings in the two regular seasons. It arrives for the second time in the finals in the spring, but is beaten by the G2 Esports with a 3-0 allowing no replicas. The same score also in the winner’s round in the summer, with the Rogues appearing to look at a seemingly enchanted trophy with even more superstition.

The push of the fans

Instead, in the two days of Malmö, a city where the return of a final of European League of Legends live after three years with more than 10,000 spectators, the team finds its redemption: first the Fnatic come back and lead 1-0 in the series after a great first game, win 3-1, then easily conquer the G2 Esports and also shake off some kind of awe . Against the G2, nine-time European champions and looking for tenth, the Rogues had lost both series 3-0 in 2022: this time instead Odoamne, the most representative player, finally finds the win he’s been looking for in his eight-year professional career, touching it multiple times without ever reaching it. A success that was praised by the fans and fans of League of Legends who flocked to Sweden, as well as by almost 10,000 spectators followed the event in Italian streaming on the PG Esports Twitch channel. The next round is the World Championship, which this time brings the Rogue the title of European Champion.

Source : Corriere Dello Sport

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