EA cuts cheapest FIFA points, fans: ‘I won’t spend more this year’

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An unexpected move by EA Sports, not particularly promoted but discovered by fans via the FIFA 23 web app. As noted by the players, the California house has removed two of the cheapest discounts on FIFA points. These points are the currency that can be bought with real money to invest in FIFA Ultimate Team for building your team, especially on packs of ‘stickers’ with different percentages for obtaining the strongest champions.

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FIFA points, cut the cheapest packs –

Yesterday, English content creator Itshaber reported that he had discovered that two FIFA Points cuts had been removed from the price list of the microtransactions offered by EA Sports. Skipped are the values ​​of 250 and 750 FIFA Points, which are €2.49 and €7.49 respectively. As the creator noted, “they didn’t make the points more expensive, they just removed some lower levels and added some higher levels”. And in fact, it can be seen that the 2,200 FIFA points package has been replaced by the 2,800 package (€24.99 instead of €19.99), while the 4,600 FIFA points package has been replaced by the 5,900 package (€49, 99 instead of €39.99).

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The reactions –

As the gamer noted, “I’m personally not a big fan of this thing. I’d rather all options were available”, and the comments in the comments are similar. “I played a lot last year and spent the right amount ( probably not compared to anyone else), but I won’t spend anything this year,” says one follower. “Big L from EA,” another replies, while those who don’t fail to point out that microtransactions are “for losers” or warn for the dangers of premium currency as a gamble, while someone else explains that it could be a simple reshuffle with Madden NFL, as the football series offers a price list that is now comparable to that of FIFA.

Source: Gazzetta It

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