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Free or discounted games: roam with dinosaurs in ARK and free turn-based fantasy Gloomhaven


Epic Games Store: ARK and Gloomhaven are free

The second half of September’s free games are here, and with it two appetizers in the form of the popular survival game ARK: Survival Evolved and the turn-based fantasy RPG Gloomhaven.

ARK probably needs no further introduction. It is an action-packed online survival game where you create your own character and start surviving in an uninhabitable world full of wild animals and other players trying to spoil your fun. Of course, elaborate crafting, the ability to tame dinosaurs, and other twists and turns of the online world.

Gloomhaven is a game adaptation of the popular board fantasy game of the same name, combining the classic rules of Dungeons & Dragons with elements of RPGs and tactical battles.

Ongoing: Xbox Store – Tokyo Game Show Sale

Tokyo Game Show is happening this week and Xbox has prepared a special event for this event. It will probably come as no surprise that Japanese research is focused on its creation. One of them, for example, is PlatinumGames that we have here. first Bayonetta (252 CZK).

The Demon Slayer series, which won fans from all over the world with its anime adaptation, tried to enter the games last year. If you know Naruto fighting games then Hinokami Chronicles (870 CZK) processed in exactly the same way. An arena fighter that tells the beginning of the demon hunter’s story.

fantasy RPG Dragon’s Dogma He is preparing a sequel that has not yet been released. So you still have plenty of time to experience the original subtitled adventure. Dark Rising (109 CZK). Although it doesn’t look very good today, it can compete with any RPG with its story and mechanics.

Monster Hunter World (375 CZK) It is an excellent hunting RPG where you will spend long minutes fighting giant monsters. After a long hiatus, this series has taken a look at the major platforms once again, and it looks better than ever. Although it’s been several years since its release, it has an active community of players and if you’re going to buy it, go straight to the big expansion. Ice-borne (506 CZK).

PlayStation Store – PlayStation Indies

Games from smaller development studios never cease to amaze us with their imaginations and because they manage to entertain much better than games from companies on a global scale. Proof of this is needed Between us (80 CZK), had a big boom a few years ago and even today gamers love to come back to it. As a spaceship crew, you must find out who the intruder is and who you can truly trust.

Another example is from a completely different barrel. Disco Elysium (525 CZK) It will delight those who enjoy detailed and thought-provoking stories. In this detective story you investigate the case of a hanged man and it’s up to you to decide how it all turns out. In addition, the game received several improvements in the Final Cut version, including full dubbing.

Now we go to the underworld. Hades (442 CZK) It perfectly combined action thugs with the narration of a story revolving around Zagrea, son of Hades. He tries to find out what happened to his mother. Therefore, he tries to get out of Tartarus to the earth. But each trial looks different thanks to leveling and random power-ups given to him by the Olympian gods.

In the midst of all the other great games it’s worth a try Hollow Knight (200 CZK)is one of the best metroidvanias of recent years. You set out to explore a kingdom that has long passed its heyday. Different types of enemies and different environments await you in the vast underground. Again, the whole world is open from the start, but you cannot enter some parts of it without the necessary skill.

Ongoing: Humble Choice – Crusader Kings III, Just Cause 4 and more

In Humble Choice’s September subscription offer, Crusader Kings III is clearly the main attraction. In this grand strategy, we will go back to the history when a few kings ruled Europe. But first we can become, for example, a minor duke or earl and gradually try to rise. As your empire grows rich and continues to gain new lands, it is a sign that you are a good ruler.

The next big game this month is Just Cause 4 Complete Edition. So you get additional content immediately. This time, Ric Rodriguez and I are heading to the big North American island of Solis. Our loyal friends will again be a parachute, a tow hook and also a wingsuit. Even on this tropical island, there is a need to unleash chaos to impress local leaders.

Also worth mentioning is the stylized FPS action Forgive Me Daddy. You are the last person still sane, and you set out to find the truth in a world inspired by the work of HP Lovecraft. The creators draw inspiration from the classics of the genre. While watching the demo, we immediately thought of names like Blood, Heretic or Hexen. As always, you can find this month’s full offer on the official website.

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