NVIDIA Announces Next-Generation GPU-Powered OVX Compute System New systems are designed to build 3D virtual worlds through software applications

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Credits: Disclosure/NVIDIA

This week the NVIDIA announced the second generation of NVIDIA OVX, state-of-the-art GPU-powered computing system and enhanced network technology. The OVX system, which works based on graphics and simulation for the metaverse, promises to offer more functionalities, focused on real-time graphics, Artificial Intelligence and simulation of digital twins.

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According to the NVIDIA blog, the digital twim is a virtual representation of physical elements or systems in the real world that is continuously updated.

As disclosed by the company, the systems were designed to build 3D virtual worlds using all major 3D software applications.

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NVIDIA OVX also offers capabilities for immersive digital twin simulation operations in NVIDIA Enterprise Omniverse (end-to-end scalable platform that enables enterprises to build and operate metaverse applications).

Bob Pette, vice president of professional visualization at NVIDIA, reported: “Large-scale digital twins are redefining how nearly every industry plans, designs, and builds in the physical world. NVIDIA OVX will deliver the next generation of computing power needed by the most complex digital twins in factories, buildings and entire cities.”

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OVX system and NVIDIA L40 GPU

The new OVX systems are powered by a latest generation GPU, the NVIDIA L40 GPU. The equipment provides high levels of power and performance to build the most complex industrial digital twins.

According to NVIDIA, NVIDIA 3rd generation L40 GPU cores and 4th generation Tensor cores also promise to provide capabilities for Omniverse workloads running on OVX. These features include: ray tracing and accelerated tracing, material rendering, physically accurate simulations, and photorealistic 3D synthetic data generation.

By the way, in addition to the GPU, the new OVX computer system also has network adapters NVIDIA ConnectX-7 SmartNIC, which enable higher network performance, storage, and precision time synchronization necessary for the life of digital twins. NVIDIA indicates that ConnectX-7 has support for 200G network on each port and fast inline data encryption.

Availability of NVIDIA OVX

NVIDIA has revealed that the second generation OVX system will be available for instigate, lenovo Y supermicro early next year, also arriving for GIGABYTE, H3C Y QCT in the near future.

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The information was confirmed by NVIDIA’s own CEO, Jensen Huang, at a press conference.

Source: NVIDIA

Source: Adren Aline

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