Developers show off their games in early production stages in support of Rockstar In response to many who have stated that graphics is the first element to be finished 9/22/2022 9:05 PM

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Credits: Paul Ehreth

The GTA 6 leak was something that took many by surprise. Some developers took to Twitter to support Rockstar and now several of them have posted videos of their games at different stages of development.

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Many believe that the final version of GTA 6 will have the same quality that is shown in the leak. Therefore, various developers released snippets of their games during production, many with very early-stage graphics.

“Graphics are the first things to finish in a game, like Cult of the Lamb was in early versions,” the game’s official profile read.

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“If you knew how the game is made, you would know that the images are one of the first things that are done,” said one of the developers of PowerWash Simulator.

One of the designers and director of Uncharted 4, Kurt Margenau, posted the title’s car chase snippet. “What art looks like in a game in development,” he says.

The lead designer for Control, a Remedy game, also contributed. “Since graphics are the first thing you finish in a game, and Control has won multiple awards for graphical excellence, here’s a snippet of early development,” said Paul Ehreth.

Rockstar and Take-Two have struggled to get the leaked videos off the air, a very difficult task. The developer said that what happened will not affect the production of GTA 6 and that it will be officially presented when it is ready.

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The company suffered a 6% devaluation when the stock market opened on Monday (19)

Via: ScreenRant, Kotaku

Source: Adren Aline

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