Logitech launches G Pro wheel with accessibility features G Pro wheel pedals sold separately 09/22/2022 1:30 PM comments

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Credits: Logitech/Reproduction

Logitech revealed the new G Pro steering wheel on Wednesday (21), compatible with PC and Xbox and PlayStation consoles. The G Pro wheel features a small LED screen, Trueforce technology for realistic feedback during movements, and a maximum torque of 11Nm. Also, The G Pro steering wheel features a modular design to make it more accessible to people with disabilities.

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The peripheral is aimed at gamers looking for the best racing gaming experience. EITHER The G Pro wheel is $1,000 and does not include the pedals, which are sold separately for $350. The pedals are equipped with a load cell in the brake for pressure detection. The G Pro has a dual-clutch system to use as throttle and brake, for those who can’t use the brake. all the The pedal system also features a modular design and can be adjusted according to user needs.

The Logitech G Pro wheel features a modular design for greater accessibility, but the wheel and pedals are sold separately

Logitech G Pro Steering Wheel

Compared to other gaming wheels on the market, such as those from Thrustmaster, which are more affordable, the Logitech G Pro will be a premium peripheral, with a rather hefty price tag.

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despite being Compatible with PC, Xbox and PlayStation, the model for Sony and Microsoft consoles are different. Both work on PC, but those who will be using the G Pro on their console should purchase the correct model. The Xbox model features the Xbox logo on the center button and ABXY button configuration, while the Sony version features the console logo and classic PlayStation buttons.

For gamers who like a good steering wheel to enjoy racing games, the Logitech G Pro seems to be an interesting option with good accessibility features. The big problem is the price of the device, which costs a total of US$1,350 (R$6,996 in direct conversion, without considering taxes). Arriving on the domestic market, the price will not please Brazilians very much.

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Source: GameSpot

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