2Watch launches its talent factory

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In 2022, the volume of the entertainment market linked to the esports and gaming worlds booked more than $2.3 billion between professionals, content creators, staff, and the volume of advertising and sponsorship invested in streaming. In fact, for many brands, it has become a way to reach the GenZ and Alpha generation audiences, as well as the Millennials: young and very young people who follow their favorite gamers across platforms. To follow the trend, anticipate it and respond to the need of companies to interact with new media, 2Watch, a media and technology company active in the export sector, has launched its own Talent Factory composed of talents from the world of gaming, esports and of pop culture that their fans can reach through the major social and video streaming platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Twitch and YouTube.

The first talents

To date, 2WATCH Talent Factory has 15 talents in house, most of which are female gamers: Andrea Piazzese aka Piazz, Fortnite content creator and crypyo and nft enthusiast; the twin duo VAPM, Alex and Eros Rossi, Fortnite expert streamers and tiktokers; Tommaso Oppini aka Don Oppini, content creator of football titles such as FIFA; Manuele Musumeci aka Manu Cdn, young streamer but already established on TikTok as content creator for Fortnite; Davide Dessì aka The Professor of FUT, economics professor with a passion for the technology and gaming world; Lorenzo Giannotta aka NoWeakFut, FIFA player, digital creator and streamer expert; Paola BHO aka Bunny Natasha, a versatile gamer girl with a passion for the FIFA title; Federica Ebiwua aka Feforico, recently aired on Rai 2 with “Bella Ma”, a young tiktoker dealing with inclusion issues; Raffaele Bottone aka Il Solito Mute, content creator with a radio voice passionate about gaming and technology; Max Proietti content creator and streamer on current affairs and psychological issues; Anais Fabriani aka Mad Morona, girl gamer passionate about Call of Duty; Samanta Polizzotto, aka Sami_GBT, gamer lover of shooters; Roberta Riccio aka Proxy, former face of The Jackal, passionate about simple chatting related to themes of the emotional sphere; Antonio Bauduin aka Tankeeh, entertainer born with a passion for variety.

A talent incubator

“More than an agency, I love describing ourselves as a talent incubator where the goal is to raise awareness and empower those who are part of it on important issues”, says Viviana Cavaliere, Head of Talent & Partnership at 2Watch. Who continued: “Such as respect for diversity, gender differences and inclusivity. I hope for stars that are always ready to shine that brands and stakeholders in the world of gaming and live entertainment can firmly rely on for their communication strategies.”But what is the ultimate goal of the 2Watch Talent Factory? “The mission of the 2WATCH Talent Factory”, said Cavaliere again, “It remains to train boys and girls interested in the gaming and entertainment industry not only from the point of view of technical skills, but also from a mental and ethical point of view, guiding them on the path that in many cases leads to building a solid career that gives brands and other industry players the tremendous opportunity to capture a segment of audience that is difficult to penetrate and still very elusive today”.

Source : Corriere Dello Sport

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