158,000 ore mined, 1.7 million cooked meals and 614 million mora – Genshin Impact player stats for 2022

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developers Genshin impact of the HoYoverse studio decided to celebrate the game’s second anniversary by publishing gamer stats for 2022. In the new song of “Evening Teyvat” the studio has collected unusual facts.

  • The angler caught 34,000 fish in one year.

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  • Player banker earned 614.68 million mora in a year

  • The player designer created 5.9 thousand set items in a year, without missing a single day

  • Cooking player prepared 177 thousand dishes in a year

  • The lumberjack produced 206.6 thousand units of wood in one year

  • Player miner mined 158,000 pieces of ore in a year

  • One player helped 9658 newbies in a year, 185 of them in one day

  • One of the personal worlds was visited by 402 players and one of the gamers visited 291 personal worlds in a year

Also today for Genshin impact Update 3.1 is released. The update brings two new events, characters, weapons and many other interesting things.

Genshin impact available on PC, PS4, PS5 and mobile devices. The Nintendo Switch version is still in development.

Source : Shazoo

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