ARM systems should dominate 30% of the PC market by 2026, analysis predicts Canalys says the market is undergoing a revolution that does not get much attention 11/18/2022 15:10 comments

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Despite still being closely related to the mobile world, chip systems based on The ARM architecture has been gaining more and more space in the field of PCs🇧🇷 After Apple shows that they can be used to create very powerful hardware, Canalys analysts believe that they can capture up to 30% of the PC segment by 2026🇧🇷

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🇧🇷By 2025, not 2050, but by 2026, four years from now, half of processors in the cloud will be ARM-based, 30% of PCs will be ARM-based“, it states steve brazier, president and CEO of the research firm. 🇧🇷It’s an extraordinary, industry-changing event that just isn’t taken seriously enough.🇧🇷

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Who should lead this revolution is Apple, which owns 13.5% of the PC market and currently sells almost 100% of its machines with M-series chips format based. ARM architecture is also used in entry-level Chromebook models and may gain ground in beefier machines thanks to recent technological advances.

The forecast may be too optimistic

According to Dean McCarron of Mercury Research, The forecasts made by Canalys may be flawed by an excess of optimism🇧🇷 While ARM continues to gain ground, he notes that in the last fiscal quarter, the architecture was used in only 13.1% of CPUs in PCs sold directly to consumers.

While this represents a sizeable annual increase (the figure was 8.9% over the same period last year), technology still has a long way to go🇧🇷 In addition, optimistic forecasts can also be the result of using different types of methodology. Weather Mercury is based on the number of CPUs and GPUs soldcompanies like IDC, which seems to be going the way of Canalys, are considering selling complete machines.

For the research company’s predictions to be true, companies like HP, Dell and Lenovo would have to bet big on ARM systems propping up your future laptops. Also, as much as the architecture has gained space in the world of servers, companies like AMD and Intel you shouldn’t let that happen without presenting products that guarantee the maintenance of their privileged positions in the market.

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