Fabio Caressa comments on the World Cup on Twitch

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His voice is linked to one of the highlights of Italian football, namely the 2006 World Cup. Three cornerstones of that adventure in Germany: the penalty kick victory for Italy led by Marcello Lippi against France, the Seven Nation Army of the Whites Stripes with his “popopo” and Fabio Caressa’s commentary. Totem of sports journalism, the director of Sky Sport 24 has also managed to get the most out of the so-called new media over the years, closing the gap with Generation Z. For example, his YouTube channel has nearly 300,000 subscribers. A chameleon-like journalist, who knows how to handle things and is now preparing for the live streaming of Twitch.

Caressa arrives on Twitch with Stamo Live

From tomorrow, Caressa will be live on the Amazon platform with six appointments on the occasion of the World Cup. We’re live, this is the chosen name, will be a living room in which Fabio Caressa, together with some great guests at all levels, will discuss the main themes of Qatar 2022. The format takes its name from the iconic phrase of the sports journalist himself, pronounced on the occasion of an episode MondoGol on Sky Sport addressing Stefano De Grandis, in what later turned out to be a fake brawl between the two great friends. Anecdote also told by Fabio himself in his latest book “Thank you Lord that you gave us football”.

Crazy numbers on social media for Caressa

Caressa’s social turning point happened about a year ago, on the occasion of the last European Championships. A bet he lost with his son Diego and decided by Italy’s victory against England. From that moment on, social media literally went crazy. In addition to the numbers on YouTube, Caressa has 580,000 followers on TikTok and more than 400 thousand on Instagram. Staggering numbers that have dragged the well-known commentator out of the comfort zone of the Sky Sports studios.

Source : Corriere Dello Sport

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